Step by Step guide for adapting your
Hallmark L&M Ornaments to work
with any present-day string of lights

1.  Current L&M Hallmark Ornament
plug end

2.  Bend the wires straight

3.  Slip off the light green plastic endpiece

4.  Present-day light strand from the tree

5.  Remove the bulb and its housing from the light strand

6.  Bend its wires straight

7.  Pull the light bulb out of its housing

8.  Now, thread the wires from the ornament plug into the housing from the light bulb

9.  Now the correct housing is on the ornament plug

10.  Bend the wires back into place, and it will now fit into the light socket


11.  Be sure to hang onto these pieces because you will need to replace the light bulb when you take the ornament off the tree, or you'll never find where the missing bulb is and your tree lights won't be all lit.

Thanks to my good friend Lora Welch for providing these pictures and content. 

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