Duane Unruh


Year Item Number Title Comments
1978 QX144-3 Red Cardinal  
1986 QLX711-5 Santa's On His Way  
1986 QX402-6 Mr. & Mrs. Claus: Merry Mistletoe Time     1st in the Series  
1986 QX418-3 Happy Christmas to Owl  
1986 QX420-3 Puppy's Best Friend  
1986 QX424-3 Acorn Inn  
1986 QX429-3 Magical Unicorn  
1986 QX429-6 Special Edition: Jolly St. Nick  
1986 QX512-3 Country Treasures: Nutcracker Santa  
1986 QX512-6 Christmas Guitar  
1986 QX514-6 Holiday Horn  
1987 GCH1022 Cala Lilycat Cat Promotion
1987 GCH1024 Cala Bookend Set Cat Promotion
1987 GHC1029 White Sculptured Porcelain Cat Cat Promotion
1987 QLX702-9 Christmas Classics: A Christmas Carol       2nd in the Series  
1987 QLX711-3 Angelic Messengers  
1987 QSP9257 Thomas Nast - The Journey Begins Christmas Collectible
1987 QSP9277 Thomas Nast - Special Delivery Christmas Collectible
1987 QSP9279 Thomas Nast - Filling the Stocking Set Christmas Collectible
1987 QX442-9 Christmas Time Mime - Limited Edition  
1987 QX469-7 Old-Fashioned Christmas: In a Nutshell (reissued in 1988)  
1987 QX470-7 Christmas Pizzazz: Holiday Hourglass  
1987 QX471-9 Hot Dogger  
1987 QX473-9 Christmas Keys  
1987 QX483-7 Mr. & Mrs. Claus: Home Cooking           2nd in the Series  
1987 QX485-7 Holiday Heirloom: Glass Bell in Wreath   1st in the Series  
1987 QXC580-9 Charter Club Membership Ornament: Wreath of Memories  
1988 QLX718-1 Last-Minute Hug  
1988 QLX720-1 Skater's Waltz  
1988 QX401-1 Mr. & Mrs. Claus: Shall We Dance?        3rd in the Series  
1988 QX403-4 Miniature Créche: Acrylic        4th in the Series  
1988 QX406-4 Holiday Heirloom: Silver Angels Above Glass Bell       2nd in the Series  
1988 QX416-1 Feliz Navidad  
1988 QX469-7 Old-Fashioned Christmas: In a Nutshell (reissued from 1987)  
1988 QX474-1 Snoopy® and Woodstock  
1988 QX481-4 Oreo® Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (reissued in 1989)  
1988 QX482-1 A Kiss™ From Santa (reissued in 1989)  
1988 QX490-1 Sweetheart  
1988 QXM560-1 Skater's Waltz  
1988 QXM561-1 Holy Family (reissued in 1989)  
1988 QXM572-1 Special Edition: Jolly St. Nick  
1989 QC9271 Unicorn Stallion Everyday Collectible
1989 QC9274 Unicorn Mom and Foal Everyday Collectible
1989 QC9281 Unicorn Mom and Baby Everyday Collectible
1989 QC9284 Unicorn Colts Everyday Collectible
1989 QC9291 Unicorn Colt on Cliff Everyday Collectible
1989 QLX729-5 Joyous Carolers  
1989 QX457-5 Mr. & Mrs. Claus: Holiday Duet       4th in the Series  
1989 QX481-4 Oreo® Chocolate Sandwich Cookie (reissued from 1988)  
1989 QX482-1 A Kiss™ From Santa (reissued from 1988)  
1989 QXC448-3 Keepsake Club: Noelle  
1989 QXC460-5 Holiday Heirloom: Toys Above Glass Bell     3rd and Final in the Series  
1989 QXM561-1 Holy Family (reissued from 1988)  
1990 QC9204 A Merry Christmas Christmas Collectible
1990 QEC9056 Country House With Porch Places in the Heart
1990 QEC9077 Home Is Where the Heart Is Places in the Heart
1990 QEC9335 Boy Running Days of Childhood
1990 QEC9356 Playhouse Days of Childhood
1990 QEC9363 Tree House Days of Childhood
1990 QEC9496 Rocking Horse Days of Childhood
1990 QEC9503 Soap Box Racer Days of Childhood
1990 QEC9644 Boy Nose To Nose With Dog Days of Childhood
1990 QEC9651 Girl With Roller Skates Days of Childhood
1990 QEC9654 Player and Coach Days of Childhood
1990 QEC9705 Girl With Wagon Days of Childhood
1990 QEC9712 Boy with Skateboard Days of Childhood
1990 QEC9747 Carousel Horse Places in the Heart
1990 QEC9864 Picking Apples Days of Childhood
1990 QEC9874 Girl With Hula Hoop Days of Childhood
1990 QLX727-6 Christmas Memories  
1990 QX439-3 Mr. & Mrs. Claus: Popcorn Party      5th in the Series  
1990 QX523-3 Little Drummer Boy  
1990 QX547-6 Lovable Dears  
1990 QXM570-6 Nativity  
1991 N/A Kansas City Santa  Convention Ornament Silver
1991 N/A Kansas City Santa  Convention Ornament Gold - only one given to Clara Johnson Scroggins
1991 QC9204 A Merry Christmas Christmas Collectible
1991 QEC9046 Mother and Baby Places in the Heart
1991 QEO513-9 Lily Egg  
1991 QLX714-7 Father Christmas  
1991 QLX724-9 Bringing Home The Tree  
1991 QLX727-3 Salvation Army Band  
1991 QX433-9 Mr. & Mrs. Claus: Checking His List           6th in the Series  
1991 QX479-9 A Christmas Carol Collection: Merry Carolers  
1991 QX498-9 A Christmas Carol Collection: Ebenezer Scrooge  
1991 QX499-7 A Christmas Carol Collection: Bob Cratchit  
1991 QX499-9 A Christmas Carol Collection: Mrs. Cratchit  
1991 QX503-7 A Christmas Carol Collection: Tiny Tim  
1991 QX536-7 Sweet Talk  
1991 QXM581-9 First Christmas Together  
1992 QC6024 Ready for Christmas - Snowdome Christmas Collectible
1992 QC9537 A Merrie Christmas - Small Santa with Staff  Christmas Collectible
1992 QC9947 A Merrie Christmas - Large Santa with Staff Christmas Collectible
1992 QFM9004 Indian Bunnies with Pumpkin Merry Miniature
1992 QHG9702 Santa and His Helpers Galleries - Norman Rockwell
1992 QHG9703 Sleeping Children Galleries - Norman Rockwell
1992 QHG9704 Marbles Champion Galleries - Norman Rockwell
1992 QHG9705 Little Spooners Galleries - Norman Rockwell
1992 QHG9706 Springtime - 1927 Galleries - Norman Rockwell
1992 QHG9708 The Fiddler Galleries - Norman Rockwell
1992 QHG9714 Low and Outside Galleries - Norman Rockwell
1992 QHG9719 Saying Grace Galleries - Norman Rockwell
1992 QHG9720 The Truth About Santa Galleries - Norman Rockwell
1992 QSM9789 Goose in Bonnet Merry Miniature
1992 QX429-4 Mr. & Mrs. Claus: Gift Exchange         7th in the Series  
1992 QX441-4 Merry Olde Santa                 3rd in the Series  
1992 QX485-1 Anniversary Year Photoholder  
1992 QX515-4 Cheerful Santa  
1992 QX594-1 Godchild  
1992 QXC406-7 Keepsake Club: Victorian Skater  
1992 QXM551-1 A+ Teacher  
1992 QXM551-4 Grandma  
1992 QXM554-1 The Night Before Christmas (mouse in chair)         1st in the Series with LaDene Votruba
1992 QXM585-4 Minted For Santa  
1992 QXM588-4 Coca-Cola® Santa  
1993 QEO836-2 Beautiful Memories  
1993 QEO836-5 Radiant Window  
1993 QHG9721 Secrets Galleries - Norman Rockwell
1993 QHG9722 A Child's Prayer Galleries - Norman Rockwell
1993 QK109-2 Old-World Silver: Silver Santa Showcase Ornament
1993 QSM8065 Fox with Heart Wreath Merry Miniature
1993 QSM8102 Hugs and Kisses: Cat and Mouse      3rd and Final in the Series Merry Miniature
1993 QX526-2 Wake-Up Call  
1993 QX529-5 Julianne and Teddy  
1993 QX530-2 20th Anniversary: Glowing Pewter Wreath  
1993 QX589-2 Our Family Photoholder  
1993 QX595-2 Our First Christmas Together Photoholder  
1993 QXC413-5 Keepsake Signature Collection: Santa's Favorite Stop  (clock on the mantel)  
1993 QXC544-5 K.C. Angel - Convention Ornament  
1993 QXM400-5 March of the Teddy Bears              1st in the Series  
1993 QXM511-5 The Night Before Christmas            2nd in the Series  
1994 N/A Golden Poinsettia Expo piece
1994 N/A Golden Santa Expo piece
1994 QEO817-6 Peanuts®  
1994 QEO820-3 Peeping Out  
1994 QEO820-6 Joyful Lamb  
1994 QK100-6 Old-World Silver: Silver Poinsettia  
1994 QK101-6 Old-World Silver: Silver Snowflakes  
1994 QK102-6 Old-World Silver: Silver Bells  
1994 QLX749-6 Tobin Fraley Holiday Carousel: Skater's Waltz      1st in the Series  
1994 QX481-3 Lucinda and Teddy  
1994 QX528-3 Mr. & Mrs. Claus: A Handwarming Present          9th in the Series  
1994 QX543-6 The Wizard of Oz™ Collection: Scarecrow™  
1994 QX544-3 The Wizard of Oz™ Collection: Tin Man™  
1994 QX561-6 Grandpa  
1994 QX563-3 Baby's First Christmas  
1994 QX567-6 Grandchild's First Christmas  
1994 QX573-6 Secret Santa  
1994 QX576-6 Out of this World Teacher  
1994 QX593-3 Coach  
1994 QXC483-6 Keepsake Club: Majestic Deer  
1994 QXC484-3 Keepsake Signature Collection: Mrs. Claus' Cupboard (traditional Santa)  
1994 QXM510-6 March of the Teddy Bears            2nd in the Series  
1994 QXM512-3 The Night Before Christmas         3rd in the Series  
1995 QEO822-7 Springtime Bonnets                    3rd in the Series  
1995 QFM8179 Chipmunk with Corn Merry Miniature
1995 QHG6301 1937 Steelcraft Streamline Scooter by Murray® Sidewalk Cruiser; retired in 1997; some information says Don Palmiter
1995 QX406-7 Refreshing Gift - Coca-Cola® Santa  
1995 QX515-7 Mr. & Mrs. Claus: Christmas Eve Kiss       10th and Final in the Series  
1995 QX525-9 Beverly and Teddy: Special Edition  
1995 QX581-9 Anniversary Year  
1995 QXC404-9 Keepsake Signature Collection: Christmas Eve Bake-Off® (stove)  
1995 QXM401-9 Friendship Duet  
1995 QXM403-9 Starlit Nativity  
1995 QXM408-9 Joyful Santa  
1995 QXM479-9 March of the Teddy Bears         3rd in the Series  
1995 QXM480-7 The Night Before Christmas         4th in the Series  
1996 N/A Keepsake Club: Toy Shop Santa Artists on Tour piece
1996 QEO814-1 Strike Up The Band!  
1996 QEO816-4 Easter Morning  
1996 QHC8191 Olympic Spirit: Olympic Triumph Figurine  
1996 QHF3103 D.C. Super Heroes Figurines: Golden Age Batman™ and Robin™  "The Dynamic Duo™"  
1996 QHG9028 Winner's Circle: 1956 Garton® Hot Rod Racer      1st in the Series Kiddie Car Classic; some information says Don Palmiter
1996 QK111-4 Nature's Sketchbook: The Birds' Christmas Tree with Marjolein Bastin
1996 QSR636-1 NFL Collection: Kansas City Chiefs™  
1996 QSR636-4 NFL Collection: Atlanta Falcons™  
1996 QSR637-1 NFL Collection: Buffalo Bills™  
1996 QSR637-4 NFL Collection: Carolina Panthers™  
1996 QSR638-1 NFL Collection: Chicago Bears™  
1996 QSR638-4 NFL Collection: Cincinnati Bengals™  
1996 QSR639-1 NFL Collection: Browns™  
1996 QSR639-4 NFL Collection: Dallas Cowboys™  
1996 QSR641-1 NFL Collection: Denver Broncos™  
1996 QSR641-4 NFL Collection: Detroit Lions™  
1996 QSR642-1 NFL Collection: Green Bay Packers™  
1996 QSR642-4 NFL Collection: Oilers™  
1996 QSR643-1 NFL Collection: Indianapolis Colts™  
1996 QSR643-4 NFL Collection: Jacksonville Jaguars™  
1996 QSR644-1 NFL Collection: Oakland Raiders™  
1996 QSR644-4 NFL Collection: St. Louis Rams™  
1996 QSR645-1 NFL Collection: Miami Dolphins™  
1996 QSR645-4 NFL Collection: Minnesota Vikings™  
1996 QSR646-1 NFL Collection: New England Patriots™  
1996 QSR646-4 NFL Collection: New Orleans Saints™  
1996 QSR647-1 NFL Collection: New York Giants™  
1996 QSR647-4 NFL Collection: New York Jets™  
1996 QSR648-1 NFL Collection: Philadelphia Eagles™  
1996 QSR648-4 NFL Collection: Arizona Cardinals™  
1996 QSR649-1 NFL Collection: Pittsburgh Steelers™  
1996 QSR649-4 NFL Collection: San Diego Chargers™  
1996 QSR650-1 NFL Collection: San Francisco 49ers™  
1996 QSR650-4 NFL Collection: Seattle Seahawks™  
1996 QSR651-1 NFL Collection: Tampa Bay Buccaneers™  
1996 QSR651-4 NFL Collection: Washington Redskins™  
1996 QX539-4 Coca-Cola® Santa: Welcome Guest  
1996 QX550-4 Norman Rockwell Art: Little Spooners  
1996 QX579-1 Mom-To-Be  
1996 QX603-4 Polar Cycle  
1996 QX621-4 Christmas Snowman with Marjolein Bastin
1996 QX624-1 Christmas Joy  
1996 QXC420-1 Keepsake Signature Collection: Santa's Toy Shop (tools)  
1996 QXE744-4 Olympic Spirit: Lighting the Flame  
1996 QXM409-4 March of the Teddy Bears        4th and Final in the Series  
1996 QXM410-4 The Night Before Christmas      5th and Final in the Series  
1996 QXM421-4 Peaceful Christmas  
1997 N/A Artist's Studio Collection: Santa's Magical Sleigh (colorway) Artists on Tour piece; silver runners
1997 QEO870-2 Nature's Sketchbook: Garden Bunnies with Marjolein Bastin
1997 QFM8179 Chipmunk with Corn Merry Miniature
1997 QHG9033 1956 Murray® Golden Eagle Kiddie Car Classic; retired in 1997; some information says Don Palmiter
1997 QX630-5 Taking a Break  Coca-Cola® Santa  
1997 QX634-2 Norman Rockwell Art: Marbles Champion  
1997 QX657-5 Nativity Tree  
1997 QX667-2 Artist's Studio Collection: Santa's Magical Sleigh  
1997 QX668-5 Santa's Friend with Marjolein Bastin
1997 QX676-5 Sailor Bear  
1997 QXC517-5 Artists on Tour Signature Series:  Trimming Santa's Tree (ladder with holly leaf carvings)  
1997 QXI627-5 Hockey Greats: Wayne Gretzky         1st in the Series  
1997 QXM421-5 Teddy-Bear Style            1st in the Series  
1997 QXM430-5 Victorian Skater  
1998 N/A K.C. Snowflake Convention piece
1998 QEO845-3 Victorian Cross  
1998 QX622-3 Collector's Choice: Journey To Bethlehem  
1998 QX632-3 The Old West: Pony Express Rider        1st in the Series  
1998 QX638-6 Merry Olde Santa        9th in the Series  
1998 QXC450-6 Keepsake Signature Collection: Christmas Eve Preparations (sleigh) Convention piece
1998 QXC453-3A Kansas City Drummer  
1998 QXC454-3A Winter Wonderland  
1998 QXI684-3 Joe Montana  Notre Dame®  
1998 QXI684-6 Hoop Stars: Grant Hill                  4th in the Series  
1998 QXI755-6 St. Nicholas Circle  Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light™  
1998 QXM415-6 The Nativity              1st in the Series  
1998 QXM417-6 Teddy-Bear Style      2nd in the Series  
1998 QXM429-6 Coca-Cola® Time  
1999 QEO840-7 World of Wishes: Wedding Memories  
1999 QEO847-9 Easter Winner's Circle: 1956 Garton Hot Rod Racer     1st in the Series  
1999 QX631-7 The Old West: Prospector         2nd in the Series  
1999 QX652-7 Hot Wheels™ : Jet Threat™ Car with Case  
1999 QX655-7 Cross of Hope  
1999 QX669-9 Our First Christmas Together  
1999 QX681-7 Child of Wonder  
1999 QX689-7 Collector's Choice: The Christmas Story  
1999 QX698-9 Wintertime Treat  
1999 QXI414-7 Muhammad Ali  
1999 QXI417-7 Hoop Stars: Scottie Pippen             5th in the Series  
1999 QXM449-7 The Nativity                    2nd in the Series  
1999 QXM449-9 Teddy-Bear Style             3rd in the Series  
1999 QXM464-7 Santa Time  
2000 QHG3622 Kiddie Car Classic Stop Sign Kiddie Car Classic
2000 QHG3623 Kiddie Car Classic Don's Sign Kiddie Car Classic
2000 QHG3624 Kiddie Car Classic Streetlamp Kiddie Car Classic
2000 QHG3629 Kiddie Car Classic Street Sign Kiddie Car Classic
2000 QHG3630 Kiddie Car Classic Pedal Car Parking Only Kiddie Car Classic
2000 QX659-4 The Old West: Mountain Man          3rd and Final in the Series  
2000 QX694-1 The Lone Ranger  
2000 QX804-4 Millennium Time Capsule  
2000 QX825-4 The Good Book  
2000 QX870-1 Our First Christmas Together  
2000 QXC452-1 Keepsake Ornament Collector's Club Studio Limited Edition  Treasure Tree (snowscape)  
2000 QXI432-4 Arnold Palmer  
2000 QXI689-1 Hot Wheels™ 1968 Deora (green)  
2000 QXI689-1 Hot Wheels™ 1968 Deora (red)  
2000 QXI690-1 Hoop Stars: Karl Malone       6th in the Series  
2000 QXM595-4 Teddy-Bear Style              4th and Final in the Series  
2000 QXM596-1 The Nativity                       3rd in the Series  
2001 N/A Ready Reindeer (colorway)  
2001 QRP449-2 Twas the Night Before Christmas - Volume 3  Tiny Reindeer  
2001 QX281-5 It Had To Be You  
2001 QX806-5 Here Comes Santa: Santa's Snowplow          23rd in the Series  
2001 QX819-5 Mary and Joseph  
2001 QX829-5 Ready Reindeer  
2001 QX882-5 Beautiful Cross  
2001 QX886-2 Santa Sneaks a Sweet - Cooking for Christmas  
2001 QX887-2 Santa's Sleigh  
2001 QXC456-2 Keepsake Ornament Collectors' Club Studio Limited Edition  Santa's Desk (rug-covered floor)  
2001 QXC457-2 Keepsake Ornament Studio Edition: 15th Anniversary Celebration Wreath (baby in manger)  
2001 QXD417-2 Cinderella's Castle  Walt Disney's Cinderella  
2001 QXI523-5 Hoop Stars: Tim Duncan             7th in the Series  
2001 QXI630-5 Steve Young  San Francisco 49ers™  
2001 QXM525-5 The Nativity          4th and Final in the Series  
2002 QLX765-3 Candlelight Services: Country Church            5th in the Series  
2002 QX810-6 Here Comes Santa: North Pole Towing Service       24th in the Series  
2002 QX818-6 Winter Wonderland: Bringing Home the Tree        1st in the Series  
2002 QX863-6 New Home  
2002 QX892-3 True Love Is Our Love  
2002 QXI527-6 Deer Creek Cottage  Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light™  
2002 QXI814-6 Hoop Stars: Kevin Garnett           8th in the Series  
2003 QX820-7 Winter Wonderland: Sleigh Ride     2nd in the Series  
2003 QX823-7 Hoop Stars: Kobe Bryant                  9th in the Series  
2003 QXG882-9 The List  
2004 QX825-1 Winter Wonderland: Building a Snowman             3rd in the Series  
2004 QX853-1 Hoop Stars: Jason Kidd  New Jersey Nets            10th in the Series  
2005 QX218-2 Winter Wonderland: Ice-Skaters' Delight         4th in the Series Designed by Tom Best; sculpted by Duane Unruh

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