Tammy Haddix


Year Item Number Title Comments
1997 QFM8615 The Nativity - Christmas Pageant Collection Merry Miniature
1997 QFM8692 Three Wee Kings - Christmas Pageant Collection Merry Miniature
1997 QSM8545 Sule and Sara  Penda Kids Merry Miniature; with Cathy Johnson
1998 N/A Snow Buddies (colorway)                                                1st in the Series Convention Photo Contest entry prize; gray rabbit, red and purple scarf and hat
1998 QBG690-9 Crown Reflections: 1955 Murray® Fire Truck  
1998 QBG691-7 Sugarplum Cottage  
1998 QEO847-6 World of Wishes: Happy Diploma Day!  
1998 QHC8215 Spoonful of Stars: Thoughtful Ways Becky Kelly Figurine; with Sue Tague
1998 QSR231-3 Notre Dame® Fighting Irish™  
1998 QSR231-6 Florida State® Seminoles™  
1998 QSR232-3 Michigan Wolverines™  
1998 QSR232-6 Penn State® Nittany Lions™  
1998 QSR233-3 North Carolina Tar Heels™  
1998 QX681-3 Good Luck Dice  
1998 QX685-3 Snow Buddies                                                                1st in the Series  
1998 QXC453-6 A Late-Night Snack with Robert Chad
1999 QBG605-9 Jolly Snowman  
1999 QBG607-7 Crown Reflections: 1955 Murray® Ranch Wagon  
1999 QFM8529 Anniversary Edition Merry Miniature
1999 QLX741-7 Warm Welcome  
1999 QSR519-7 NFL Collection: Kansas City Chiefs™  
1999 QSR521-7 NFL Collection: Carolina Panthers™  
1999 QSR521-9 NFL Collection: Chicago Bears™  
1999 QSR522-7 NFL Collection: Dallas Cowboys™  
1999 QSR522-9 NFL Collection: Denver Broncos™  
1999 QSR523-7 NFL Collection: Green Bay Packers™  
1999 QSR523-9 NFL Collection: Miami Dolphins™  
1999 QSR524-7 NFL Collection: Minnesota Vikings™  
1999 QSR524-9 NFL Collection: New York Giants™  
1999 QSR525-7 NFL Collection: Oakland Raiders™  
1999 QSR525-9 NFL Collection: Philadelphia Eagles™  
1999 QSR526-7 NFL Collection: Pittsburgh Steelers™  
1999 QSR526-9 NFL Collection: San Francisco 49ers™  
1999 QSR527-7 NFL Collection: Washington Redskins™  
1999 QSR527-9 NFL Collection: New England Patriots™  
1999 QX631-9 Snow Buddies                                                               2nd in the Series  
1999 QX656-7 A Musician of Note  
1999 QX664-9 Baby's First Christmas  Photo Holder  
1999 QX677-9 Sweet Friendship  
1999 QX687-7 Little Cloud Keeper  
1999 QXC452-7 Keepsake Club: Arctic Artist  
1999 QXC452-9 Keepsake Club: Snowy Surprise  
1999 QXC466-9 Keepsake Signature Collection: Snowy Plaza (Snowman)  
2000 N/A Keepsake Club: Cool Decade                                          1st in the Series New member referral; gray walrus with blue-green ice
2000 QLZ429-1 Fun-Filled Stocking  
2000 QSU2056 The Dr. Seuss™ Collection: Max the Reindeer  
2000 QX246-4 Celebrate His Birth!  
2000 QX452-4 Signature Snowman  
2000 QX665-4 Snow Buddies                                                                3rd in the Series  
2000 QX676-4 Cool Decade                                                                  1st in the Series  
2000 QX801-4 Warm Kindness  
2000 QX803-1 Baby's First Christmas  
2000 QX807-4 A Class Act  
2000 QX823-4 Angelic Trio  
2000 QX830-1 Toy Shop Serenade  
2000 QX838-4 Merry Ballooning Sculpted by Katrina Bricker, painted by Tammy Haddix
2000 QX851-4 Safe In Noah's Ark  
2001 N/A Cool Decade                                                                 2nd in the Series Blue ice, blue hat and a white tummy
2001 PR231-8 Keepsake Club: Curius the Elf  
2001 QEO851-2 Lovey Lamb  
2001 QHB9002 Cool Sport  
2001 QMM7042 Speedy  Kids! Collection Merry Miniature
2001 QMM7043 Champ  Kids! Collection Merry Miniature
2001 QMM7044 Star  Kids! Collection Merry Miniature
2001 QMM7045 Slugger  Kids! Collection Merry Miniature
2001 QMM7049 Scout  Kids! Collection Merry Miniature
2001 QMM7050 Lucky  Kids! Collection Merry Miniature
2001 QMM7054 Hotshot  Kids! Collection Merry Miniature
2001 QMM7055 Hooper  Kids! Collection Merry Miniature
2001 QMM7056 Blade Kids! Collection Merry Miniature
2001 QMM7057 Glitter  Kids! Collection Merry Miniature
2001 QMM7058 Trooper  Kids! Collection Merry Miniature
2001 QMM7059 Cheer  Kids! Collection Merry Miniature
2001 QX224-2 Winter Friends  
2001 QX283-2 Peanuts® Pageant  
2001 QX697-2 Snow Buddies                                                                4th in the Series  
2001 QX699-2 Cool Decade                                                                 2nd in the Series  
2001 QX808-5 Springing Santa  
2001 QX836-2 Baby's First Christmas  
2001 QX836-5 Baby Boy's First Christmas  
2001 QX837-2 Baby Girl's First Christmas  
2001 QXC451-2 Local Clubs Pop! Local Club ornament
2001 QXC456-2 Keepsake Ornament Collectors' Club Studio Limited Edition  Santa's Desk  (elf pulling a mail cart)  
2001 QXC457-2 Keepsake Ornament Studio Edition: 15th Anniversary Celebration Wreath  (stocking with bear)  
2002 N/A For Keeps Commemorative Stars  Star Rider  
2002 N/A Snow Buddies (colorway)                                                5th in the Series Debut prize; green vest, purple scarf, red and white striped hat
2002 QP166-6 Frostlight Faeries, Too: Baby Delandra  
2002 QP167-3 Frostlight Faeries, Too: Baby Floriella  
2002 QP168-3 Frostlight Faeries, Too: Baby Brilliana  
2002 QX286-6 Gardener's Christmas Corner  
2002 QX288-6 Tucked in Tenderly  
2002 QX800-3 Snow Buddies                                                                 5th in the Series  
2002 QX801-6 Cool Decade                                                                   3rd in the Series  
2002 QX862-3 Our Christmas Together  
2002 QX897-3 Teacher  
2002 QXC462-3A Keepsake Club: Curius the Elf  
2003 N/A Cool Decade (colorway)                                                  4th in the Series Art of Keepsakes piece; blue ice and flocked fox
2003 N/A What Child is This (colorway) Art of Keepsakes prize; red hat, two-tone green coat, purple mittens
2003 QP110-7 Snow Ho Ho!  
2003 QP110-9 I'm Snow Angel!  
2003 QP111-7 Snow News is Good News!  
2003 QP111-9 Snowbody Does It Better!  
2003 QP112-7 Snow What Fun!  
2003 QP112-9 Snow Place Like Home!  
2003 QP113-7 Snow Time Like the Present!  
2003 QP113-9 Snowman's Land Display Wreath  
2003 QP140-9 Gifts for Everyone  
2003 QP142-7 Oh, What Fun!  
2003 QP142-9 A Christmas Story  
2003 QP147-7 A Very Good Girl  
2003 QX807-9 Cool Decade                                                                  4th in the Series  
2003 QX809-7 Snow Buddies                                                                6th in the Series  
2003 QXC460-9 Keepsake Ornament Club Exclusive Studio Edition  Keepsake Ornament Gallery Collection (gnome riding bird) Art of Keepsakes piece
2003 QXG251-7 Primera Navidad de Bebé  
2003 QXG858-7 Gopher Par  
2003 QXG869-7 Child's Age Collection: My First Christmas - Boy              1st in the Series  
2003 QXG871-9 Baby's First Christmas  
2003 QXG874-7 Little Christmas Helper  
2003 QXG886-7 Stuck on You  
2003 QXG898-9 What Child is This  
2004 N/A Cool Decade (colorway)                                                  5th in the Series October Debut prize; blue ice and gray bunny
2004 QLX755-4 My Christmas Slippers  
2004 QLX759-4 Sittin' on Santa's Lap  
2004 QP170-1 Santas from Around the World  Russia Designed by Edythe Kegrize; Sculpted by Tammy Haddix
2004 QX813-1 Snow Buddies                                                                7th in the Series  
2004 QX813-4 Cool Decade                                                                  5th in the Series  
2004 QXC400-4 Sharing the Stars  
2004 QXC401-2 Christmas Chess Set with Tracy Larsen, John "Collin" Francis, Kristina Kline, Julie Forsyth, Robert Chad, and Linda Sickman
2004 QXG547-4 Reaching for Christmas  
2004 QXG566-1 My First Christmas - Boy  
2004 QXG566-4 My Second Christmas - Boy  
2004 QXG568-1 My Third Christmas - Boy  
2004 QXG568-4 My Fourth Christmas - Boy  
2004 QXG570-1 My Fifth Christmas - Boy  
2005 N/A Cool Decade (colorway)                                                  6th in the Series Welcome to Keepsake Lane prize
2005 N/A Triple Dippin'!  Gift to KOC members for attending Ornament Premiere
2005 QEO828-2 Nature's Sketchbook: First Bouquet Designed by Marjolein Bastin, sculpted by Tammy Haddix
2005 QLX759-5 I.C. Pete's Frozen Treats  
2005 QLX762-5 Toyland Treasures  
2005 QX219-5 Cool Decade                                                                  6th in the Series  
2005 QX224-5 Snow Buddies                                                               8th in the Series  
2005 QXC500-1 Snow Day Magic Keepsake Club
2005 QXC500-3 Christmas Window 2005                                                 3rd in the Series Keepsake Club
2005 QXG454-2 Child's Age Collection: My First Christmas - Boy  
2005 QXG454-5 Child's Age Collection: My Second Christmas - Boy  
2005 QXG455-2 Child's Age Collection: My Third Christmas - Boy  
2005 QXG455-5 Child's Age Collection: My Fourth Christmas - Boy  
2005 QXG456-2 Child's Age Collection: My Fifth Christmas - Boy  
2005 QXG460-2 Baby's First Christmas  
2005 QXG462-5 Baby's First Christmas (photo holder)  
2005 QXM816-2 Angelic Trio  set of 3 with Mary Hamilton


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