YuleLog Ornament Collection
Data Base & Price Guide
2012 edition available NOW!


Have you ever wished you could have a list of all the ornaments in your collection? Would you like to know what artist has sculpted your favorite ornaments?  How about a way to catalog your want list so you know what to look for on ebay or at collector shows?  The YuleLog Ornament Collection Database & Price Guide is the answer!

The computer software program I recommend is YuleLog Ornament Collection Database & Price Guide. It is written by Todd Ray who is an avid collector. The database lists every Hallmark ornament, plus merry miniatures and Kiddie cars also. Plus many of the other pieces that Hallmark has made, like event pieces, stocking hangers, colorways etc. It is very easy to enter all your ornaments, because every ornament is already in the database, you just click which ones you have. The ornaments are sorted by year, and include the Hallmark ID number, the name of the ornament (or ornament series and number), ornament category, photo, artist, the original box price, and the low, high, and median price. Prices are compiled from various secondary market dealers from across the country.

It can generate all sorts of reports, and has a very powerful search feature including keywords to search for particular kinds of ornaments. You can catalog your whole Hallmark collection using this one program! It is very easy to use and simple to learn. An update is released every year, so you can always keep it up to date. The program is available on DVD for $45 (includes postage and handling). Windows and Mac version on one DVD!

I have used this program for many years and it keeps getting better and better!  I am proud to partner with Todd Ray and YuleLog Software!  The 2012 version is available NOW! 
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